Levitating Air Pot Planters
Levitating Air Pot Planters
Levitating Air Pot Planters
Levitating Air Pot Planters
Levitating Air Pot Planters
Levitating Air Pot Planters

Levitating Air Pot Planters

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1. 360 Degree Sunlight  | Rotating 360° to ensure sunlight intake from all angles.

2. Mesmerizing Effect | Designed to help ease anxiety and stabilize emotions.

3. Elegant & Stylish Design | Perfect for your living room or home office.

Have you been trying to spice up your home or office into a modern environment with touches of life and green? You came to the right place. We introduce the Levi™ Floating Plant, the home decoration & the special gift you need.

Times are changing rapidly, the time for plants keeping to evolve has come. We are sitting upon a major hype and expect we will run out of stock soon! Don't hesitate, and claim yours today.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1

First, you have to place the base on a flat, non-metallic surface. Then, once you have planted your plant in our Levi™ silicon plant pot, connect the wooden base to the power outlet with the included AC Adapter.

Step 2

With two hands, hold the plant above the center of the base and slowly put the plant down. When you feel resistance, adjust the plant until you feel a gentle & safe release. After you have kept the plant stable for a few seconds, you can let go!

Step 3

Behold, your plant is now floating & growing litteraly in the air. Balancing the Levi™ is as easy as it looks, and once you let go of it, the plant will begin to start rotating by itself. Pretty cool right?

Levi™ Specifications

Size Information

Our compact and aesthetically pleasing design is not only ergonomic but delivers a better plant keeping experience. We tested different sizes and eventually sticked to an eye-catching yet portable product. Accurate measurements are listed below!

Silicon Plant Pot: 9 x 5 cm OR 3.54 x 1.96 inch

Float Height: 2 cm OR 0.79 inch

Wooden Magic Pad: 13.4 x 2.8 cm OR 5.27 x 1.1 inch

1. Levi™ Planter 

Our 12-sided geodesic planter is molded from silicon, making it grippy and tactile. As it rotates in mid-air, different shades appear, providing a hypnotic and relaxing experience. Watch your plant twirl in the air, greener and more livish than ever before.

2. Levi™ Reservoir

To mitigate against over-watering, a cleverly designed drainage system allows water to escape to a hidden, inner reservoir. Easy to use and allowing for a consistent professional look.

3. Levi™ Magnet

This is where the magic happens. Our custom shaped Levi™ magnet pushes up against an electromagnetic base, causing the plant to levitate in mid-air.

How do they work?

The secret is in the age-old technology of magnets. You probably remember from school, that when both north pole ends of two magnets face each other, there’s a strong magnetic repulsion. The platform and pot are essentially both north poles, and that’s how the planter stays afloat!