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Dent Remover

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Why do we need a Dent Remover Tool? 

When you have a car you can't help the small, little dents that you acquire. You may acquire these dents through bad maneuvering, or forceful parking in small spaces. 

We really can't help it but the result is a dented car chassis. And it is so expensive just bringing your car to the auto shop just to fix the small dents in it. 

So to help you save money and time we present you the Dent Remover Tool which enables you to remove dents like a professional!

Why buy our Dent Remover Tool? 

It saves you time and money. Dent Remover Tool can save a lot of money for you compared with the auto body shops. This Dent Remover Tool can help you repair your car by yourself for many times.

Thus it's very easy to use. This tool is suitable for anyone, especially for DIY works to save labor and money.

Last but not least, it keeps your vehicle spotless and flawless. With the dent remover tool, you can always keep your vehicle dent less and presentable.

Common problems:
1. Insufficient heating of glue
Fully heat for 5-7 minutes, until there is liquid from the muzzle or press the switch lightly, the glue will be released
2. The glue is too little and too thin on the gasket
It needs to be even and thick, and you can apply a little more in the middle, and quickly stick to the recessed area after applying
3. Wrong pulling direction
When pulling, it should be as vertical as possible to the body
4. Too much pulling force
Should be uniform and moderate, repeat the operation many times
5. Too much force to stick the suction cup
Too much force will easily squeeze the glue to the outside, you should press gently for 2-3 seconds
6. Pull time issues
After the suction cup is attached, pull it when the glue cools down and there is residual temperature. The temperature of the sol is too high or it is completely cooled before pulling it, it will easily fall
7. The suction cup is very easy to fall off because of floating dust or water on the surface
The sunken area should be washed with water and dried with a towel
8. The car body temperature is too high in summer
Use cold water to cool the recessed area first, and then dry the water
9. The car body temperature is too low in winter
First heat the recessed area with hot water, and then dry the water
10. sucker size problem
The larger the suction cup, the greater the suction power, which is suitable for the flat and concave area
Important hint:
Due to the difference in the heating time of the adhesive strip and the thickness of the application, it may fall off in one operation, so you need to be patient and repeat the operation several times! ! You can also experiment with other things to determine whether the glue is sticky! !
Is the residual glue not clean?
1. Use high-concentration alcohol to clean up with a spatula while spraying (diesel, gasoline and asphalt can also be tried)
2. Use a hot air blower to heat the glue, and then clean it with a spatula
3. Use hot water above 80 degrees Celsius to clean up with a spatula while pouring it

🔥 Limited Edition Package 🔥

Save not just time and money but save your car all by yourself using the help of this professional Dent Remover Tool

No need to spend a thousand bucks or bring it to the auto body shop just to fix it. You can be the hero of your car, and you can watch and see what happens all on your own with this magnificent tool. 

So get some for yourself now and never worry about the tons of money you need to fix tiny dents.